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Illinois Collection Lawyers

Our law firm provides debt collection and litigation on commercial accounts receivable for creditors with claims in the State of Illinois. Our collection lawyers are highly seasoned professionals in the Collection Industry, who provide legal services for not only Fortune 500 companies but for small to medium sized companies as well, throughout the firm's coverage area.

As Illinois collection lawyers, we are very experienced in providing collection and litigation services on many different types of commercial claims including but not limited to: commercial leasing, wholesale supply, distribution, manufacturing, industrial, transportation, communications, medical supply, warehousing, chemical, food distribution, import/export and many more. We provide exemplary service and support for each of our valued clients throughout the collection and litigation process. 

Our collection lawyers and staff handle all commercial collection claims placed with our Chicago, Illinois office in a professional and expeditious manner.  Through the use of proven legal strategies and established collection techniques, we are able to act quickly and aggressively to recover the money that is owed to our clients. Our legal services are used by highly satisfied clients the world over who have commercial collection claims in the State of Illinois.

If you are looking for a collection lawyer in Illinois that can provide you with such services as commercial debt collection, commercial litigation, mechanics' liens, preference claims defense or commercial real estate collections, look no further than the Spilotro Law Group. 

We stand ready to serve your legal needs whether you have one commercial claim or an entire portfolio of commercial claims in the Illinois area. Our fees are usually contingent based but we do offer an hourly fee if that is what you prefer. We abide by the Illinois Collection Laws and the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) in the collection and litigation of all Illinois claims.

Our collection practice is structured to collect your debts swiftly in the utmost professional and diplomatic manner. Consider the legal services that we provide regarding debt collection of commercial accounts receivable, as we feel that our collection law firm is one of your best choices to collect your commercial debt throughout the State of Illinois. Please contact our collection lawyers at your earliest convenience and we will design a collection and litigation plan for your bad debt commercial receivables.

Don't wait too long to turn over your delinquent Illinois receivables, as you probably are fully aware that the longer you wait to get a professional collection lawyer involved in the collection process, the less chance you will receive positive collection results overall. You have a much greater chance at having high yield collection results by using the experienced collection lawyers at Spilotro Law Group as soon as the account goes delinquent. Please call us at 773.451.9191 and let's get started.


Our Illinois Collection Lawyers Coverage Area Includes But Is Not Limited To:

THE CITIES OF: Aurora, Cicero, Illinois, Elgin, Geneva, Joliet, Lake Forest, Naperville, Northbrook, Oak Brook, Schaumburg, Tinley Park, Waukegan and Wheaton.
THE COUNTIES OF: Cook County, DuPage County, Kane County, Lake County and Will County

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